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Some of Adrian's earliest memories centre around food, especially the smells and sights from the bakery and adjoining shop near his grandparents' house, and home made Yorkshire puddings and winter casseroles.

A keen home baker, encouraged by many trips over to France, it was only after a varied career in hospitality and retail that Adrian took the opportunity to fully indulge his lifelong passion.  He trained with renowned French baker, Richard Bertinet, gaining a broad and exciting understanding of the methods for yeast-based recipes prevalent across France and Europe. Subsequently honing his skills and knowledge of English and continental baking and cooking, Adrian opened and spent several years running an Italian-inspired restaurant and pizzeria in the south west of England. 

For Adrian, Birkinshaw's represents a well overdue return to his passion for good food.   

Favourite things to bake: Parmesan, Parma ham and Pine nut Whirls and French Epees.

Even as a very little girl Eleanor loved to be allowed to help make the Sunday tea and progressed, by the age of eight or nine, to it being her 'job' at home. Warm scones and butter, savoury tarts and pastries and colourful salads and, joy of joys, cakes and fruit loaves of all kinds. Thus started a lifelong delight in the homely pleasures afforded by coffee, tea and cake in all its variations... 'elevenses', afternoon tea, childhood cocoa and supper...

In her adult years, after many years spent in a career in international marketing, Eleanor took cordon bleu training, taking the opportunity to further her interest in regional and European cakes, biscuits (cookies) and pastries. 

Recent years have been spent running cooking classes for children and adults, hopefully passing on some of her own pleasure in beautifully presented dishes and treats.

Favourite things to bake: Italian Peach and Almond Tart and Sussex Pond Pudding.

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