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At Birkinshaw's we insist on the best and offer only fair trade, organic coffee. Our coffee is roasted freshly in small batches by local coffee roasters Aroma Maya just down the road in Truro, ensuring the best roast and the freshest flavour every time you drink it.

But let us first introduce you to our Rocket Mozzafiato Evoluzione, a hand built espresso coffee machine from Italy. All espresso machines are not built equal, and the Mozzafiato Evoluzione has the world standard Group 61 brew head that is warmed by the boiler ensuring full extraction of flavour and a great crema. With PID technology, that ensures a constant supply of water at the correct temperature, you also get great textured steamed milk for your cappuccino or latte.

A straight filter coffee, sir? Or how about an espresso, a cappuccino or a latte? Our Birkinshaw's House blend, Chosen by a unanimous vote of local coffee drinkers comes from the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, real coffee just how you know it should taste and which you can feel proud to drink. 

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Our 'house tea' at Birkinshaw's is Yorkshire Tea, an ethically sourced and traded, top quality black tea. As part of their commitment to the environment, Yorkshire Tea has planted over 3 million trees and is still planting every day. So, as well as having a superior cuppa, you can feel good drinking it. Yorkshire Tea is one of the brands from Taylor's of Harrogate, world class tea suppliers. The folks there taste thousands of teas on a regular basis, so the blending always maintains its characteristic flavour and ensure that, despite variation in harvests, Yorkshire Tea is always "a proper brew" – pure and simple. Fair prices are paid for really good tea from farms in Africa and India, to make a lovely blend that’s big on flavour, seriously refreshing and kind to the people who grow it.

Birkinshaw's offers a core menu of wonderful homemade snacks and meals made using the finest ingredients (absolutely no hydrogenated fats or pre-mixed spice selections). You will also find varying weekly 'specials' highlighting seasonal produce. Our chefs have a passion to bring you both traditional fare and fusion food from around the globe -  it is not unusual to find Scotch eggs, Thai vegetable curry, steak and Stilton pasties, Mexican chimichangas, fish creole and more. 

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