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Created with passion 

Lots of people talk about 'cooking with passion'. What does that mean? Well, for us it means creating recipes and cooking dishes that use top quality ingredients, fresh or organic where possible, locally sourced where practical. Most importantly, we believe that food should be made fresh from key 'base', our ' house' tomato sauce is made from tomatoes, herbs, onion, seasoning - no thickeners or flavour enhancers; we prepare our own clotted cream from fresh local cream and enjoy the 20 hour process it takes to get it just right for the Cream Teas; we make our own fruit chutneys and pickles from scratch, loving the chance to enjoy summer's harvest right through the year; we prepare our own fruit-packed sauces and syrups from fresh fruit for our milkshakes .... you get the idea.

We use real butter, quality olive oil, various sugars, blend our own spices and grow our own herbs. Passion, for us, is as much about rigorous selection of the ingredients we wish to start the cooking process with as it is about serving up the finished dish.

Life's little pleasures ...

Food should be one of life's simple, everyday pleasures and, at Birkinshaw's, we like to think that everything we serve makes your day a little better. We are not of the mindset that food needs to be of the 'all you can eat' variety. Greater quantity does not necessarily mean increased enjoyment. A perfectly brewed latte, a wonderfully nutty piece of walnut bread, the crisp pastry on a steak pie.... small but important pleasures.

Food can be comforting or surprising, familiar or taste-bud-testing. There is a place for everything which is why the menu at Birkinshaw's has such a diverse offering, changing with the seasons. We enjoy creating and cooking new recipes as much as we hope you enjoy trying them. Every season brings new flavour combinations to try, and new ideas. Cooking, like life, is a journey, with many wonderful places to linger on the way.     


Our own culinary journey has taken us from shopping in the produce markets of France to discovering the mediterranean flavours of Cyprus; from sampling the cakes and pastries of Germany and Austria's Teestuben to the gelateria found in the cobbled streets of Italy; street food and chocolate making in Belgium and fine dining in Luxembourg; learning about the essential flavours of Thailand to rediscovering the vast regional variety to be found throughout the British Isles. We hope that you will discover some of our foodie passion when you eat at Birkinshaw's.

And finally......

Sometimes food can be (and should be) a bit silly. Food trends, like any trends, are not here to stay. We like to keep abreast of what is happening in eateries around the world and offer you a taste here in our little corner. So, here at Birkinshaw's, as well as perfect pastry and meltingly delicious meals you can find such silliness as the ...... freakshake!

Bon appetit - whatever you choose to order! 

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