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The New Roaring 20s - not what we were expecting!

The New Roaring 20s! How exciting, especially for someone like me who has always loved the original 20s period, and all it stands for. The lifestyle, the music, the feeling that after the Great War things were just going to get better.

I was looking forward to themed dances, vintage motor car displays, a spotlight on the way the world was and the finery and exotic lifestyles (for some). What we got was COVID-19!

We lost our freedom to travel, to see family, to socialise and eat out. We have had to queue for banks and to get into the few open shops. People bought up all the toilet paper, flour, yeast etc and decided to make sourdough! Not as easy as it looks is it? and now you understand why it costs so much!

As we at Birkinshaw's started to realise that 'normal' was a thing of the past, we adapted. We offered takeout dishes, care packages you could send to loved ones who you couldn't visit. We were proud of what we did, and don't forget those free deliveries, over 450 of them locally and as far away as Truro and Halifax. We were humbled by your messages of support and the tangible support of buying food from us, buying gift certificates and the vast amount of good wishes that came our way. THANK YOU, it means so much.

Unfortunately, the bills still remained, the fixed costs needed to be paid and we felt an obligation to our small team to give them some hours at least. So, what did we do, we took over the closed business next door that we are directly connected to and created a new business to run alongside Birkinshaw's. B-ready Take Out. It says it all. It is the same high quality food as in Birkinshaw's, the same care and attention to detail. Real butter, no trans fats, locally sourced supplies where possible and, of course, passion for food and a healthy serving of love.

B ready has now finished its fifth week, and we are thrilled with the way things have gone so far. But Birkinshaw's beckons, so with a list of new things to do to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, we are starting a gradual reopening of Birkinshaw's. This week, our first, has seen three afternoon openings that have gone very well. Next week we are also open three afternoons as we feel our way into this 'new normal'. Do you want Afternoon Tea, Cream Tea, or one of our Freakshakes or Sundaes? Check Facebook for our opening times and please make a reservation. Limited space and limited hours for a few weeks, but we want you to come back knowing you are safe and will enjoy food at its best.

Not ready to eat out? We understand that, why not visit B-ready for a take out. you can see the menu on the new tab on Birkinshaw's website on go to the B -ready Facebook page and see what we have to offer.

Thank you again for your support, thank you for helping us still be here to serve you. Here's hoping we can start enjoying the New Roaring 20s before too long.

Adrian, Eleanor and the Birkinshaw's Team

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